Post Hiroshige continues my interest in Japanese‭ ‬

Architecture and the representation of space within artwork and publication formats‭. ‬

The body of work draws inspiration from two genres of historic Japanese Art‭, ‬Ukiyo artist Hiroshige Utagawa‭, ‬along with Japanese‭ ‬Publication Design of the late 1960s and early 1970s‭, ‬in particular the Kamera Mainichi Journals‭.‬

Colour used within the publication and artworks is the‭ ‬

pigment data from Hiroshige Utagawa’s work‭ ‬

“Kinryuzan Temple Akasaka c 1830”‭ ‬

‭(‬Provided by The National Gallery of Victoria‭, ‬Australia‭). ‬

Photographs were created in the Japanese City of Sapporo‭,‬

February 2019‭.‬

Each book is handcrafted and an edition of 8 + 2 AP.

Books are hand numbered and Signed.

Made from fine Etching and Watercolor paper, Photographic pigment prints and bookbinders cotton.

25.5cm x 19.5cm 

Price $220AUD

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