Post Hiroshige Book

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Post Hiroshige is my new body of work and continues my interest into Japanese Architecture and representation of space both within artwork and publication form. 

The body work draws inspiration from Historic Japanese Ukiyo-Artist Hiroshige Utagawa. The interest lie in how Hiroshige broke away with traditional mathematical formulas of the time, in-return created a new way of seeing the natural and built landscape. 

The publication was created to replicate this angle of representation, through using highly detailed Photographs of the Japanese modernist city Sapporo, the publication represents the architecture landscape in a different manner, one that explores a series of unbound collages depicting the variety of Architectural nuances. 

The publication is extremely limited,150 copies being produced, each publication includes a limited edition numbered and signed Print. 

Color used within the publication and Prints is the pigment data from Hiroshige Utagawa’s work “Kinryuzan Temple Akasaka, c 1830”. Provided by the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia. 


Release date: Feb 2020

Printed in Australia

Printing: HP Indigo 12000

Size: 220 mm X 280mm, 32 pages

Cover 300 gsm

Unbound (owners can explore all the variance in layout possibilities) 

Each edition includes a Fine Art Pigment print

Each print is an edition of 10, 15 varieties. 

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