June 7th - July 27th 

‘Polar Convergence’ is a group exhibition at the Nishi Gallery in Canberra by Rohan Hutchinson and Philip Samartzis. An exhibition of sound and image works in which the Arctic and Antarctic intersect to form a liminal world where time and space coalesce. Dr Philip Samartzis focuses on the sounds and spaces of the Antarctic continent where volatile weather and extreme climate collide with fragile ecologies and remote settlements. Rohan Hutchinson captures the tonality of the Arctic winter, transforming large-scale pristine landscape images into violent, mutable abstractions. Together, these two bodies of polar research introduce us to the places that operates at the margins of the planet. Samartzis’ soundscapes present a spectral encounter of Antarctica by channelling natural, anthropogenic and geophysical forces, while Hutchinson’s blackened landscapes provide a heightened sense of urgency necessary for the preservation of places unseen and unheard.

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