A Conversation between 2 worlds.

The work is a series of conversations between the natural and the built environments. Set within my past travels in Alaska and the modernist world I live in today. 

Each work is a photographic collage, 56cm x 40cm framed.

Chapter 1; The Northern lights look great from here. 

Chapter 2; Nice textures, thanks, it kind of reminds me of a nice sunny day up here in Alaska, great! That's what I was going for :)

Chapter 3; Looks like a good place to take shelter, or build an Igloo. 

Chapter 4; I like your angles, thanks they're natural.

Chapter 5; What are you supposed to be? I'm the Sun! No you're not! It doesn't come up here this time of year. 

Chapter 6; When melted wash dog.

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