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Artist proof A4 works

$100.00 AUD

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An artist proof from my current series in progress. 

There is 1 of each available,  Signed on verso, Printed on Museum grade archival 100% cotton rag. 

Orders can be placed here and please see the the Artist proof page,  upon receiving the order I will reply asking which number you would like 1-17, that will then be taken off the list, or marked as sold out. 

The link is here.

The works are from my series that is capturing the Victorian alpine region, works reference page layouts from historic publications that leave large boarders on the bottom. 

This artist proof is priced under half price to what the edition works will be priced. A rare opportunity to obtain a unique piece. Artist proofs are high valued as collectors items as they sit outside the edition. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 

For international postage option, please email me. 

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