V&A Museum National Art Library (London), New York Public Library, Printed Matter Inc (New York), Sharjah Art Foundation, National Art Gallery of Canada Library, National Library of Australia, NGV Shaw Research Library, Victorian State Library, Gippsland Art Gallery

Book releases 

2021- North Eastern Estates (acb press)

2020- Mountain Views from my archive (acb press)

2020- Post Hiroshige (Concertina Book set A,B,C), edition of 8

2020- Post Hiroshige (Artist Book), edition of 150 

2019- Brief Recordings (Artist Book), edition of 300

2018- Architecture for the Animals (Artist Book), edition of 110

2018- An Error has occurred (Perimeter Editions), edition of 600

2018- The North Eastern Estates (Artist Book), edition of 20

2017- The city in itself (The Velvet Cell), edition of 300

2017- A conversation between 2 worlds (Artist Book), edition of 10

2016- Elemental 1:1 (Artist Book), edition of 2

2016- Elemental (Artist Book), edition of 700

2014- A brief stroll whilst inspecting architecture (Artist Book), edition of 700

Art Book Fairs

2022- NGV Melbourne Art book fair, Photo 2022, Semi-permanent 

2021-NGV Melbourne Art book fair (online)

2020-NGV Melbourne Art book fair , abc Beijing (0nline), abc Shanghai online)

2019- Ballarat International Foto Biennale, New York, Melbourne Art book fair NGV, Shanghai (Perimeter Editions stand), Tokyo Art book fair (Perimeter Editions stand), London Offprint (Perimeter Editions stand), LA Art book fair (Perimeter Editions stand), 

2018- Focal Point UAE (Perimeter Editions stand), New York Art Book Fair, London Offprint (Perimeter Editions stand), Melbourne Art book fair, NGV

2017- Volume Sydney, Focus Melbourne, Vienna Photo-book festival (Australian Photo-book of the year stand), Melbourne Art book fair, NGV

2016- Off Print Paris (Choisi Switzerland stand), IPF Melbourne, Un-seen Amsterdam (Choisi Switzerland stand), NADA NYC (Printed Matter Inc stand), Melbourne Art book Fair NGV

2015- Tokyo Art book fair, Volume Art book fair Sydney (Kinokuniyo Stand), Paris Photo LA (Printed Matter Stand), LA independent Photo book festival, (QCP Stand), Melbourne Art book fair (UNESCO Stand)

Event  Design

2022 March, Considered environment, the photo-books of Yukio Tabuchi and Camera Mainichi, exhibition and panel discussion, Melbourne design week, held at the Centre for Contemporary Photography

2021 Open Library, Ngv Melbourne art book fair, held CCP

Exhibitions (Selected)

2019, CCP, Polar Convergence, joint exhibition with Philip Samartzis

2019-  Nishi Gallery Canberra, Polar Convergence, joint exhibition with Philip Samartzis

2018-  Neo Space (Solo), Architecture for the Animals

2017- CLIP award, Perth Centre for Photography

2016- Australian Art-book prize, Mackay

2016- Peer to space, Germany, Our Cities Surrounded

2016- Strange Neighbour Gallery (Solo), Elemental

2015- Elle Tea, Making Space, Foolscap Studio

2014- Perth Centre for Photography (Solo), Kanazawa Study

2013- Queensland Centre for Photography (Solo), Kanazawa Study
2013-  Kanazawa Art port. Japan (Solo), Kanazawa Study

2013- Darkness at the end of town, Perth Centre for Photography
2012- Sunshine Coast Art Prize,

2012- Colour Factory Gallery (Solo), Kanazawa Study

2012- Chromomeric, Age Media Centre Gallery
2012- Art Coaster, Kanazawa Art Centre, Japan

2011- Sunshine Coast Arts Prize
2011- Contemporary Landscapes, Colour Factory Gallery

2010- Colour Factory Gallery (Solo) Kamikawa Sub-prefecture
2009- Wall paper, Trocadero Art Space
2009- Sessions, Trocadero Art Space

2008- Flinders Lane Gallery (Solo), Beijing 8pm-11pm
2007- Phyllis Palmer Gallery (Solo), 11pm-2am

2007- Seventh Gallery (Solo), 11pm-2am

Artist Residencies / Research Trips

2022 Bogong Sound Map, Alpine region Victoria

2019- Hokkaido & Tokyo, Japan, research trip

2018- Perimeter Editions Artist residency at MGA

2017- Svalbard, The Arctic, research trip

2014- Gushul Studio, Lethbridge University, Canada, Artist in residence

2012- Centre for Art and Architecture, Kanazawa Japan, Artist in residence

2010- Hokkaido Japan, research trip

Artist Talks/Panel discussions

2022, Meet the maker, Photo 2022

2022, Design and Printing, panel discussion, Photo 2022

2022, Melbourne Design week,  Considered environment, Panel discussion

2021, Ballarat International Photo Bienalle, artist talk, in conversation with Linsey Gosper

2021, Photo 2021, Panellist Making Photo-books

2019, CCP, Artist talk, on self-publishing

2019, CCP, Polar convergence exhibiton, Artist talk

2019, Nishi Gallery, Polar convergence, Panel Discussion

2019 NGV, fully booked, Panel discussion

2019, Photographic Studies college, Artist talk

2018, Perimeter books, Panel Discussion

2017, CCP, Artist talk, emerging research on Photography

Education / Awards

2022 Awarded Bogong Sound Map funded residency- Supported by Bogong Centre for sound and Regional Arts Victoria

2021- Completing - Master of Communication design, RMIT

Bachelor or Visual Arts, Latrobe University

Diploma of New Media, Swinburne

2019- The North Eastern Estates (Artist book) Shortlisted for NGV Cornish Prize for Art and Design Publishing

2019- An error has Occurred Shortlisted for NGV Cornish Prize for Art and Design Publishing

2018- Judge for CCP Ilford Salon

2018-  Assessor for BA Photography at PSC

2018- Guest lecturer for Masters of Photography course, PSC

2018- Photo-book advisor and writer for Tsuka (Contemporary Japanese Photography) exhibition at CCP

2018- Guest Lecturer at PSC

2018-2020 Mentor for the Masters of Photography course at PSC

2016- Finalist for the Australian Art-book prize, Mackay QLD

2016- Finalist for Australian Photo-book of the year Awards

2014- Guest lecturer Art/Design now at Lethbridge University Canada

2012- Sunshine Coast Art Prize

2011- Sunshine Coast Art Prize

2010 Completed Bachelor of Visual Arts, Latrobe University

About me.

Rohan Hutchinson is a photographic artist and designer whose work researches the transformation of space and our relationship with the environment, both built and the natural. Hutchinson's work is an expanded practice, exploring the photographic image within gallery and publication settings, with the inclusion of event design. 

In 2020 Hutchinson founded acb press, an independent publishing platform set up to educate and create conversations around photo book publishing and design. 


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