Elemental 1:1 Artist Book (Sold out)

Elemental is a series of works exploring how variance in extreme weather conditions and slight shifts in geographic position affects architecture. Created during a harsh Canadian winter these large-format photographic woks speak of the relationship between architecture and it's surrounding environment.

The work extends from the ideology of a house, inspired by Japanese Architect Go Hasegawa’s basic principles of a house, taken from “thinking, making architecture, living” contemporary architecture concept series volume 11.

Hasegawa speaks of the house (dwelling) which will consist of 4 walls and a roof to shelter us from the elements, the sun, rain, ice and snow, a door to enter and exit, and windows to observe the external environment and to let light in. This is where my interest lie, how the internals of a house can be used to accurately survey the surrounding environment.

During the stay temperatures ranged between +4 to -35 Celsius. Elemental 1:1 documents this.

Edition of 2
Handmade book.
Consists of 9 Acrylic sheets, Duraclears, Paper and a linen covered Box.  

Finalist: National Artist Book of the Year 2016. Artspace Mackay, QLD. 

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