A brief stroll whilst inspecting architecture (Sold Out)

Created between 2007 and 2013, The work looks at Japanese architecture and it’s relation to it’s surrounding environment. Created using a large format camera in locations such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kanazawa and remote Hokkaido, the work is a rare insight in contemporary Japan, which places an emphasis on how architecture can be used to posit a social, economical and geographical survey of the surroundings.

Published 2014

Printing: Offset in Japan by YPP

Paper: Takeo Araveal

Edition: 700

Special Edition: 1-30

Size: 254mm x 186mm (Japanese B5)

28 pages, 15 Full color plates


National Gallery of Victoria - The Shaw research Library

National Library of Australia

Book Fairs 

2015 April: Paris Photo LA, (Printed Matter Stand) 

2015 May: LA independent Photobook fair (QCP Stand) 

2015 May: Melbourne Artbook fair (UNESCO stand) 

2015 September: Volume Sydney (Kinokuniya stand) 

2015 September: Tokyo Artbook Fair 

Stocklist - Galleries/ Bookstores

Stocklist - Galleries/ Bookstores


National Gallery of Australia (Canberra)

Queensland Art Gallery (Brisbane)
National Gallery of Victoria (NGV, NGVA)
Monash gallery of Art (Melbourne)
Centre for Contemorary photography (Melbourne)
Kinokiniya (Sydney)
Published Art (Sydney)
Saturdays NYC (Sydney)
Perimeter (Melbourne)
Metropolis (Melbourne)

North America

The Printed Matter (NYC)

Dashwood Books (NYC)

Arcana books (California)

Family Books (LA)

William Stout Books (San Francisco)

Southern Alberta Art gallery (Alberta)

Art Metropole (Toronto)


Ivory Press (Madrid)

Choisi (Lugano)

Hors Format (Antwerp)


T-Site Daikanyama (Tokyo)

IMA Concept Store (Tokyo)

Shashasha (Tokyo)

Watarium Museum of Contemporary Art (Tokyo)

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