Kanazawa Study was completed whilst on an artist residency at the centre for Art and Architecture Kanazawa and Kanazawa Art Port, Japan. The work researches how the difference in design and materials change in architecture over diverse time spans and class systems.

Set in Kanazawa, Japan, the works give an overview of 500 years of architectural practice within the region.

Spaces collaged include a time frame of that of Edo period, being the living and working environments for the Royalty, Geisha, Samurai and Merchants, to today’s contemporary environment, both living and working. Kanazawa was chosen to it’s historical significants within Japan, being that it housed the royalty during the Edo period (early 1600-1800) and is virtually untouched by war of natural disasters. 

Each work is compiled of multiple 8×10 inch negatives.

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